Robot tracking and localization is now possible using Dragonfly

Dragonfly computer vision technology allows you to monitor the 2D location of robots and AMR using just a camera and a computing unit. Dragonfly can leverage the hardware on-board of your robot and work entirely offline. It can work inside known and unknown environments and does not require the deployment of specific hardware in your venue. No receivers, no tags, no antennas, no nodes. Nothing has to be deployed through the environment. Dragonfly is a super flexible technology for indoor tracking and positioning.


How does Dragonfly for robots positioning and tracking work?

Dragonfly is a computer vision technology that provides very precise location. Dragonfly calculates the location thanks to a camera and a computing unit. No sensor fusion, no MEMS, no hardware to be deployed on site, no QR codes. Dragonfly needs a 640 x 480 pixels video stream. The camera can be monocular (ideally wide angle), or stereoscopic, and it can point towards any direction (preferably towards the ceiling).

An alternative to LiDAR

Dragonfly is the best alternative to LiDAR.

  • Price: a good LiDAR costs much more than Dragonfly.
  • Setup speed: the installation of a LiDAR is a very technical procedure, while Dragonfly can be setup also by people without a strong technical background.
  • Durability: LiDARs are quite fragile and sensitive. Everything works well until they end up against something.  It takes very little to break a LiDAR or put it off axis. Dragonfly works using the on-board camera, and as long as the camera works Dragonfly can work.


Dragonfly is an exceptionally flexible technology for precise positioning and indoor location of AMR, robots, drones and any other moving vehicle.

Cost effective alternative to Lidar and UWB

Cost effective alternative to Lidar and UWB

No hardware in your venue

No receivers, no tags, no antennas, no nodes. Nothing has to be deployed through the venue. As a result, Dragonfly is a super flexible technology for indoor navigation and positioning.

Easy setup

No tech skills required, no difficult instructions. As a result, Dragonfly can be installed and configured in less than 1 hour. In addition to this, if you need support you can rely on: our award-winning Technical Support team and an outstanding Technical Support website

One on-board camera

Dragonfly does not need specific hardware, IMU, no sensor fusion, LiDAR, magnetic stripes, QR codes... The existing on-board camera can be leveraged.

Completely offline

No internet connection needed. As a result, Dragonfly can run completely offline on board AMR and robots, or on an on-premise server.

It scales with you

Dragonfly is a scalable technology: there are no minimum or maximum number of robots that can use the technology at the same time.

For all these reasons, our customers consider Dragonfly to be the solution to their indoor location problems!


3D positions (X, Y, Z) and orientation (yaw, pitch, roll) of your robots

Positions via real-time API or CSV files

Average accuracy of 10 cm!

No internet connection required

Dragonfly is an accurate indoor location system based on computer vision.

The location is computed in real time using just an on board camera and a computing unit on board of the device to be tracked, thanks to our computer vision algorithm. Computer vision, odometry and artificial intelligence are used to create an accurate computer vision system, in order to deliver a precise location for multiple applications. It is an excellent solution for the precise indoor tracking of AMR, robots and drones (in the 3D space).


  • Outstanding API and CSV files can be used to integrate the location data into external applications, navigation systems, remote tracking software, and more.
  • Dragonfly allows to monitor the real-time location of the robots from the Dragonfly Cloud Dashboard.
  • ROS nodes can be developed by Onit’s team to ease the integration with ROS.

Are you ready to get started?​


Track the real time and historical locations of your robots
Add a floor plan to see the location on a real blueprint
Visualize your data as: spaghetti lines, time lines, height lines and heatmaps!
Search data for 1 day or across multiple days
Search for data related to a specific area (geo-fence)
Get metrics like: maximum and average speed, travelled distance, drive time, stop time etc...
Export your data as plots and CSV files


Dragonfly can work directly on board of the robot or on a local on-premise server. Let us help you pick the best option.

On board processing

One computing unit for each device to be tracked
No Internet connection
Optional WLAN connection

On premise processing

One (or multiple) central server(s) per-location
No Internet connection
Mandatory reliable WLAN connection

Our customers consider Dragonfly to be the solution to their location problems