6-degrees of freedom, often shorten as 6-dof, is a term that indicates the freedom of movements of a rigid body in 3-dimensional space.

The body can change position with these transitions:

  • forward/backward (surge – X axis),
  • left/right (sway – Y axis),
  • up/down (heave – Z axis).

These are translation in three perpendicular axes.

The orientation can also change, with a rotation about three perpendicular axes, often called:

  • YAW (normal axis),
  • PITCH (transverse axis),
  • ROLL (longitudinal axis).
3 Translations + 3 Rotations = 6 Degrees of Freedom = 6-DoF

Any possible movement of a rigid body, simple or complex, can be expressed with a 6 DOF combination.

For example, imagine when a golf ball is hit by a bat: the complex movement of the bat can be considered as a combination of different translations and rotations, as 6-DoF.

Dragonfly can provide the location data in the 6-DoF format.


How Can The 6-DOF Data From Dragonfly Be Integrated?

Dragonfly is a computer vision technology that provides the location of the device in 6-DOF format, as well as in WGS-84 (latitude, longitude, elevation). The API provides a JSON containing the location data, however we can customize the output format to address specific requirements.

The X, Y, Z coordinates measure the distance, in meters, from an “origin” having coordinates (0,0,0). You can imagine it to be, for example, the corner of a room, and the device is laying on the floor. This is the origin point: every movement that the device makes is calculated in meters, therefore, assuming that the device moves by 50 cm on the X axis, and elevates by 75 cm, the new coordinate will be (0.5, 0, 0.75).

The coordinates can also have negative values, always relative to the origin.

Dragonfly offers a centimeter level accuracy, and provides 6-DoF location data.

Dragonfly’s location can be integrated into custom applications, of course: the location can be used as a component for robots and drones autonomous navigation, or to track the location of moving machines, vehicles, forklifts, UAVs and more.

The data provided by Dragonfly can be customized by our R&D team in order to fit different projects, and we are open to listen to your requests.

We can deliver ROS nodes upon request to integrate Dragonfly computer vision technology for ROS.

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